Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happiness and Five Aspects of your personality!

What makes you happy?

That will always remain a million dollar eternal question.

Is it only money and success that makes one happy?  But if that would have been the case , we would be having all the rich businessmen and celeberaties or if we come a bit down, the Investment Bankers or MBA in the job world must be ever smiling happiest person around.
But that's not the case. The richest man I know of personally doesnt look happy. Though he is around 45 and quite a successful businessman, but the number of diseases he is suffering from and the amount of stress his daily life has is surmounting. I m sure that so many of my friends who are not even earning one twentieth of what he is earning are much more happy and good to be with. But that also doesn't mean that money or success is useless. I m able to write and talk all this stuff only because I m earning money so that I can affford a computer and internet. I m just trying to find out the de facto reasons which makes human life fun.  So Money or success are important but definitely it is not the only factor which makes human life awesome.

The next thing which people mostly think brings a lot of happiness in life is spending time with friends or relationships or having an boyfriend or girlfriend. I still remember the amount of pressure people(including me) used to feel just to be important in the company of friends and also to have a BF/GF. Many People feel insecure or something missing in their life if they dont have a BF or GF or if they are made fun of or are left out in their friend circle. I agree having friends or relationships is really important. That do bring a lot of sweetness in life. But why being insecure just because you dont have any or just because your friends disagree with you for any reason. The same friends or relationships whose only purpose is to bring fun and happiness to human life can add loads of misery too if you tend to compromise a lot or if you are not open to accept other people as they are.

I m not saying that the above factors do not contribute to happiness in life. Nor am I saying that all the human beings are living a miserable life. I m just trying to find out the de facto reasons which can bring loads of happiness and fun to human life. Which if present prevents sadness to enter a human life and even if misery comes the person can come out of it easily and continue adding more and more fun to his life. So, lets look at it:

There are five aspects of human personality and if all the five aspects get proper nourishing everyday, not only the man is happy and fulfilled, he achieves health, peace of mind, material and spiritual success and awesome relationships.What are these five aspects? They are:

1) Physical
2) Emotional
3) Intellectual/Creative
4) Financial
5) Spiritual (Not to be confused with religious)