Monday, November 15, 2010

Why a new blog?

Hi Virtualpals!

Every time I read a new book(generally non fiction), the first page on the book is the Preface or the reason the author is writing that book. SO I thought of why not a preface for my blog ;)

Ok, So here goes the preface :)

I am writing this blog because of many many reasons. Few of them are:

1) Obviously because I want to share wat's happening in my life

2) Bcoz I love people and love making new new friends everyday..:) So, obviously if you like the way I think or write, sooner or later you will start reading my blog and I yours and in this way I get to make new new like minded friends everyday.Anyways even if you don't like what I read or write, or even if we are not like minded people which rulebook says that we cant be good friends.Keep commenting and writing to me!

3) Bcoz I need an outflow of whats going in my mind ; I love free expression and believe in the philosphy of Live and let live!

4) Another thing which I love to do is to learn new new things everyday. And obviously by sharing my experiences and learning about your experiences from your comments and blogs; I ll definitely get to learn a lot of things.

5) Last but not the least; I want to improve my English and writing skills.

Quite a few so as to start the blog!

Keep coming..:)

Jai Ho!


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